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Summer of Impeach Trump is On

According to some religious leaders, based on the travails of the average working poor, we may have entered into the last-stage of humanity. In the last letter, even with the outrage expressed by those willing to march the day after the inauguration of the President Donald Trump, there had been some hoped-for change. Now more people than ever can see that Trump is mostly a demagogue who rode in on the coattails of critics, yet has heeled in obedience to the will of the neoconservative agenda.

For the working poor, a lot is at stake including the rising prices of housing (especially those controlled in rentier economies), the loss of guarantees of minimum wage hikes, the persecution and contraction of unions, the reductions in force as Trump and his cabal attack government agencies, and the commitment to attacking all kinds of traditional freedoms. It is, as socialist commentators have warned, the democratic march to the right at warp speed.

In fact it sort of reminds one of the mythical Cyclops who feed off of captured sailors or small farmers. They only possessed one-eye and it was in view of eating people. So this could be the stage of the end of civilization as we know it, when people are being cannibalized figuratively so that the debts we owe, the savings or pension we accrued, even our identities can be nullified or change hands.

One-eyed ogres don't possess a lot of vision; in fact, they rather have a one-track mind, which is the urge to make money, exhibit wealth, and then take more exploitative actions to monopolize more capitalist resources and wealth. Ideals such as a public commonwealth and resources, and especially publicly owned corporations are demonized as a drain on capital.

The fact that Trump and his ilk are incapable of reflecting on the homes they destroy, the suffering they cause, the students who couldn't graduate, the laborers they cheated, the reductions in quality of life, or costs they accrue defending their perspective in court has become extremely problematic. According to the Daily Beast, there are at least 75 lawsuits against Donald Trump (not including his relatives).

What is more, nearly 200 democratic lawmakers filed a lawsuit on June 14, 2017 regarding Trump's violation of the emoluments clause.

According to ThinkProgress:

All of the suits are similar in their broad strokes: they allege that Trump is violating the Constitution, and that he is profiting off the presidency through his businesses.

While a normal business person would be worried, some scoundrels believe its always the opposing party's fault. Blame it on the littlest person in the room or better yet invent plausible-sounding lies.

Not only have Trump and his cabal made a mockery of the highest offices in the land, he is deliberately trying to fill offices and judgeships with those whose views run counter to the federal mission. You can't hire a fox to guard the hen-house, but he has gone and done that. Unlike in 2009, so far, Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has shown little willingness to delay cabinet appointments despite the fact that various picks had not yet cleared required ethics and background checks. McConnell is also using the "nuclear option", a simple majority vote, to clear nominations.

No wonder many protests are listed this summer at the Resistance Calendar.

Declaring 2017 July 4 a day of mourning

At least 50 reasons why 2017 July 4 qualifies as a day of mourning

In this free citizen's humble opinion, July 4th 2017 qualifies for a day of mourning because since the election of President Donald Trump, he is aiding or abetting along with his associates

  1. In the creation of a new class-oriented society
  2. In the creation of an authoritarian oligarchy
  3. With in view the blind or jaundiced eye of the press
  4. Wherein Orwellian verbiage is used to lie and manipulate and distort presentation
  5. Wherein examples of many in the cabal are forging new chains of enslavement
  6. Wherein many are calling for impeachment of Trump himself due to conflicts of interest
  7. Whereas just one outstanding example is Trump Hotel DC
  8. Whereas this was a popular DC grassroots meeting hub and federal building become relic
  9. Whereas the Hotel Trumps are marketed as places where people get to rub shoulders with society; whereupon the belief that pay to play is perpetuated;
  10. Whereby this is in direct contrast with people's open assembly and the camaraderie of artists and LGBTQ increasingly under attack;
  11. Whereas in contrast the alt right reactionaries are making their presence felt throughout the Capitol;
  12. Whereas Trump has violated his word on payment of earnings to the government, despite the government officially paying for his security;
  13. Whereas his companies hire foreign guest workers when local American workers have applied;
  14. Whereas workers have been fired for supporting a union that offered better health insurance;
  15. Whereby taking advantage of part-time American workers or subcontractors may become normalized
  16. Whereas Trump family has not fully divested of their real estate jobs;
  17. Wherein Trumps view the White House not as an honor to be at and live in but possibly as merely just another destination point and may disregard the quality and employ of White House staff
  18. Which is why there are protests planned because people believe Trump and GOP are increasingly operating in the dark;
  19. Whereas Trump is using executive orders and orders by fiat instead of appearing before Congress;
  20. Whereas Trump is fostering a less accountable White House;
  21. Whereas class-based or caste-like society is the opposite of what America's Founding Founders intended;
  22. Trump GOP are un-American in that they no longer truly believe in an America with equal opportunity for all;
  23. Trump GOP are un-American in that they are deliberately evasive while doing everything in power to undermine the New Deal;
  24. Whereof instead they believe in Robin-Hood-for-the-Rich tax profits whereby workers will have less benefits and less unionizing;
  25. Trump has a lot of unresolved past and present lawsuits due to broken promises, falsehoods or false promises according to plaintiffs;
  26. Whereas a shameful model citizen is one who believes that money is power, and that money is the biggest, best qualifier and evidence for deserving appointment to high public office;
  27. Whereas in a True Democratic society Money is not god, power, free speech, which is what our Founding Fathers believed;
  28. Whereas early Presidents praised honesty, integrity, character, and fairness; and practiced such consistency in speech and bearing;
  29. Whereas in an egalitarian upright Society, success is not confuted with character or integrity;
  30. Whereas in traditional American culture being honest, generous, supporting community and distribution of wealth were commendable;
  31. Wherein those traditional values are openly flouted and disrespected by the robber barons;
  32. Wherein the robber barons believe in polluting and exploiting the environmental commons;
  33. Whereas Trump and his cronies encourage by example others to cheat, steal, lie, do what it takes to become filthy rich;
  34. Whereas Trump's childish tweets would get him in trouble if he were in a school system---his phone would be taken away from him; he would get a call home for harassing and taunting people using social media;
  35. Whereupon there are no exceptions not even for rich kids in the public school system (which could be why they want to privatize); Trump would be chastised for flaming unabashedly; also for emotional and psychological bullying behaviors;
  36. Whereas Trump could be cited by the EEO workplace for treatment or views on women and other minorities which are disrespectful, sexist, racist;
  37. Whereas elderstatesman are generally recognized for avoiding excessive pride, arrogance, blustering, braggadocio, boasting;
  38. Whereby Trumpism is becoming accepted as a norm speaks great ill for our country, and which is why others believe he is impeachable;
  39. Whereby Trump does not bother with the niceties of social convention, social norms, decorum, or gravitas of his office;
  40. Whereby Trump is not being "honest" as his deluded supporters believe; his mannerisms are more of an authoritarian;
  41. Whereupon Trump may eventually resort to the repressive powers that all authoritarians use to keep the masses in control, including federal and state police, local authorities and henchmen, powers of state surveillance, etc.
  42. Whereas Trump administration is fomenting new expensive wars and intensifying old ones such as via the Asian pivot;
  43. Whereby Trump and the GOP will cause unimaginable suffering for those whose meager subsistence will be taken away;
  44. Whereby Trump and the GOP are liable for jeopardizing the health of many who will no longer be able to receive treatment;
  45. Whereas Trump and the GOP will intensify the mental health and other conditions when those who suffer cannot gain access;
  46. Whereas Trump and the GOP will be responsible for the deaths and suicides or increased malfunction of those without hope;
  47. Whereas Trump, GOP, and status quo establishment mainstream media tend increasingly to marginalize large segments of those who suffer;
  48. Whereas Trump and family have been evasive and unwilling to truly hold themselves accountable to taxpayers;
  49. Whereby Trump and the GOP will assist in mounting new barriers to free equal quality public education;
  50. Whereupon Trump edicts tear immigrant families apart and cause untold suffering including at deportation centers;
  51. Wherein America is supposed to be a land of freedom, opportunity, justice for all regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, ability, class (caste), sexual orientation, or belief;
  52. Wherein Trump will continue to try to enact legislations running counter to those sentiments emblematic on our Statue of Liberty;
  53. Whereas Trump and GOP are downplaying a nascent recession based on unemployment numbers and recent business closures;
  54. Whereas Trump and the GOP may deepen a recession through their legislations and in all likelihood careless about the consequences;

It is hereby declared that this July 4, 2017 qualifies as a day of mourning in these United States.


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